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1. Model 84 cm (MD 84).

Highly illustrated and detailed, this colorful plastic model depicts the 14 Primary channels, 361 acupoints and the 48 extraordinary acupoints on the right side, along with �CUN� markers for easy evaluation of distances between points. The left side is a subcutaneous view providing an invaluable look at the neural distribution, blood vessel and muscular structures. The left side also depicts upper and lower extremity Extra points not located on the Primary Channels. Suitable for teaching and learning of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and massage etc. Includes a key card showing and naming each acupoint. Size: 34" (84 cm) tall.

2. Model 50 CM (male MM 50, female MF 50).

46 cm man and 48 cm woman (18" and 19") tall plastic models show 14 meridians and 361 acupuncture points. Half of the model shows points in standard English acupuncture nomenclature (ie, Lu 1 to Lu 11, Cv 1 to Cv 24, etc.), the other half shows points in Chinese characters. In addition, 47 Extra Ordinary Points are also shown. Mounted on a wooden base. Includes point location booklet.

3. Head model (MH 20).

This soft PVC educational model depicts all important head and neck acupuncture channels and points. It also illustrates the Chinese Scalp Acupuncture insertion lines, selected Extra points not found on the primary channels such as Yu Yao, Yin Tang, Tai Yang and the Facial Microsystem acupoints. Complete with acupoint name and location guide (Chinese and English). Mounted on a wooden base. Size: 20 cm (8,5") tall.

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